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You know these friendships when you're 12 and think they gonna last forever but as it is people change and go different ways? Denis was a real good friend of mine plenty of years (like 18) ago. (I also had like the first crush ever on his sister but that's embarrassing for everyone now). We didn't keep up the contact and met randomly here and there and made smalltalk but that was it.

A few weeks before this pictures were created I met him and his family. Back than (and I think they're still doing it) his family organised peruvian parties for the Hamburg community and they were superkind to invite me to them. 

Looking back at this time I'm really thankful that I was able to spend some time in such a welcoming, heartwarming family. 

Dancing was always a thing he found astonishing back then and when I checked out his instagram account and realised that he is still pursuing this passion and how good he is today I had to ask him if I can be part of a rehearsal session.

Arriving at Kulturladen St. Georg I met Chloe who is the dance partner and has also been super kind and nice. 

During the shot we all struggled with our perfectionism, They fixed their poses and moves, I tried to get as much light as possible into the room while not missing any moments. It was definitely the most I ever moved during a shooting.

If you're curious what they are doing now please give them a follow on Instagram:



I wish you both the very best!